Advisors & Associated Experts

Our Advisors

Ian Choo

Founder of Ekofolio, LSE

Jesper Rønnow Simonsen

Senior Advisor, EVU & Founding Mentor, Copenhagen Fintech

Nick Spanos

Founder BitcoinCenter NY, Co-Founder at Zap

Marloes Pomp

International Strategy & Partnerships Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Lennard Kunde

Branding Advisor

Alexander H. Reay

President, Nordic IT Association

Mark Højgaard

Coinify CEO

Tanja Lind Melskens

Kammeradvokaten – FinTech & Digital Innovation

Our Associated Experts

Wayne Walker

Investment expert, Managing Director at Global Capital Market Solutions

Sofie Blakstad

CEO, Hive Online

Gustav Friis

Project Lead, Trustlines Network

Ole Bjerg

Department Of Management, Politics And Philosophy

Andreas Johansson

Founder & Consultant, MakeMachine

Ryan E. Long

Lawyer & Blockchain Expert

Ryan E. Long is a Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society non-residential fellow and Vice Chair of the Licensing & Transactions Group, California Lawyers Association. For over 13 years at Long & Associates, he has been helping tech/media clients find undiscovered solutions to the trickiest transactional or litigation IP issues. Along the way, he has written for, or has been interviewed by, the likes of El Pais, Cognitive Times, and Digital Trends about cutting-edge tech issues including blockchain. More recently, he was an adjunct professor of media law at Pepperdine Law School and, before that, presented a seminar on blockchain at the JUR Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law at the University of Copenhagen. He is admitted to practice law in New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, and California.